State-of-the-art machining techniques

Innostrument has zero tolerance for burriness

Innostrument makes use of the most modern machining techniques

An example is the use of LFV; low Frequency Vibration. This technique was developed and patented by Citizen Machinery. Innostrument uses this brand of machine tools in which this technique is applied. The great advantage of this highly specialised technique lies in the chip control. The removal of the chip (cutting waste) is always a major challenge in machining. Particularly with small products, breaking the chip is often not an option. The dimensions of the products to be produced are so small that the force required to break the chip in a controlled manner would unintentionally lead to damage to the chisel tips. This, of course, must be avoided.


The LFV technique mentioned above is a good addition for realising high-quality products. The chip is broken by going back a frequency in the feed. This creates an interrupted chip. These are very short chips. These are then easily removed and result in a controllable production process. This keeps both the product and the tool in excellent condition.

The attached videos illustrate the process in schematic form.

Burriness taboo

Since the chisel geometry in combination with higher feed rates cannot be used to break the chip on small products, there is a risk of small and microscopic burrs forming on the product. If small workpieces are not chipped correctly, a chip will break off at any point. This causes you to lose control over the result, which is undesirable. 

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