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The specialists in fine metal processing.

Innostrument - the team

Our team consists of mostly young professionals who can easily work with modern techniques and software. Of course, there is also enough seniority to ensure a good balance. There are plenty of development opportunities available to employees so that everyone can keep abreast of developments in his or her area of expertise, and we are often at the forefront of new developments.

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Ruud van Scheijndel - Innostrument

Ruud van Scheijndel, Founder and Managing Director

Ruud van Scheijndel (1962) has an innate "Passion for Precision". When others think that the result cannot be improved, Ruud sees many areas for improvement and develops the processes to achieve these improvements. Another characteristic of Ruud is that he does not tolerate uncontrolled tolerances. These characteristics have led him to take the step to work completely for himself in 2010. The company has now grown into a market leading position to which international customers entrust their products.


In order to deliver constant and reproducible quality, a robot production line developed in-house has been chosen for many production processes. Depending on the product and its complexity, it can be produced completely or in parts by the robots.
The programme code is always stored in the product file. For repeat orders, the code can be used immediately with the same specifications as the end product. 

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Innostrument - Achterzeedijk 57 Unit 1A, 2992 SB Barendrecht

New premises - built to serve you.

In 2021, this new, ultra-modern building was completed and put into use. It was designed and furnished for the demanding customer: from the drawing board everything could be arranged and furnished to build the most efficient working environment, but also one in which people enjoy working.
The building is equipped with 425 solar panels, making this production company the first of its kind to not only operate in an energy-neutral manner, but also to generate energy for other uses. This fits in with the philosophy of not only working efficiently, but also being socially responsible.

Making an appointment

Innostrument does not have a service desk. Visits by appointment only. For technical questions, please use the contact form.


Latest machining techniques

Innostrument works with the newest machining techniques. The LFV technique is a valuable addition to our production process for realising high quality products.